• through our individual personal relationship with Jesus;

  • through renewed commitment to our common worship centered in the Holy Eucharist and
the sacraments;

  • through personal responsibility and participation of each of us as members of the Body of Christ;

  • by considering parishioners of all ages as precious and important for involvement and ministry;

  • through provision of religious education for our adults, youth and children to continue a lifelong
    spiritual development;

  • by welcoming all and reaching out through evangelization, aid, and service to active inactive
    parishioners and those in need around us;

  • by effective communication within our parish family, and getting to know one another through
    our social gatherings;

  • through the formation of small faith sharing groups to strengthen and enrich our parish

We proclaim this our mission as the people of St. Joseph Parish,
and we dedicate ourselves to these promises,
and will evaluate our progress toward them each year at Pentecost.

In pursuit of these goals, we seek the ongoing guidance  
of the Holy Spirit in the living of our common life in Jesus.
Faith filled, we are enlivened by the
power of the Holy Spirit to be
witnesses to one another in these