In 1916 Reverend Herman Busse, the newly appointed chaplain of  St. Walburg Convent, was asked to guide
the establishment of St. Joseph Parish in Crescent Springs, a thriving little town situated on the Cincinnati
Southern Railroad. On Sunday, May 28, 1916, the first families of the fledgling parish assembled on the site of
their new parish home, while a parade escorted Bishop Brossart from the end of the streetcar line in Ft. Mitchell
(near the intersection of Orphanage Road and Dixie Highway). About fifty mounted riders, a regiment of the
Knights of St. John, members of the Catholic Order of Foresters, and other benevolent societies led the Bishop
to meet the awaiting crowd where he laid the cornerstone of the new Church.

Work on the little brick Church, which would have a seating capacity of about 250, progressed steadily with the
labor and personal sacrifice of the founding families. The building also included a large classroom for a school. By
July, 1916 the building was under roof, and on Sunday, September 3, Bishop Brossart dedicated the new St.
Joseph Church. A one-room parish school was opened that month under the direction of the Benedictine sisters.

The church was situated near the railroad at a location very convenient for parishioners. It soon became a
received a large oil painting of St. Joseph, its patron saint, from Johann Schmitt, a Covington artist.

Father Busse continued as pastor until poor health brought about his resignation in September 1929. After
retirement Father Busse made his home in Covington with his sister, Mrs. Angeline Haas. He died at St. Elizabeth
Hospital on July 21, 1930, and was interred in Mother of God Cemetery.

On May 30, 1941 the parish celebrated its Silver Jubilee under the direction of Reverend Gerald J. Connolly.
Reverend George L. Stier succeeded Father Connolly on July 1, 1947. In July 1951, Father Stier began
construction of a new parish school on a five-acre plot of land near Nordman Drive. The building was dedicated
by Bishop Mulloy on November 23, 1952.

The 1950's brought subdivision development in a nearby area of farmland soon to be incorporated as the city of
Villa Hills, as well as plans to construct a major expressway within a mile of the parish grounds. It was soon
evident to the pastor and parishioners that a much larger church was needed. After many years of sacrifice, hard
work, and great community effort, a new church was completed in May 1960. Msgr. Hillenmeyer granted
permission for Father Stier to bless the new church privately on May 14, and the church was opened on May 15,
also contained the parish office and a large lower-level meeting room. The formal dedication of the church by
Bishop Richard Ackerman did not occur until May 5, 1962.

The church structure was built in the shape of an "L", consisting of two naves for seating the congregation. The
church hall for wedding receptions and parish social gatherings.

The parish flourished and grew to 385 families with a school enrollment of over 350. Father Stier proposed to
retire at year-end 1969, feeling that a younger man was needed to carry the burden he had borne for 22 years.
His formal resignation occurred on January 15, 1970, when Father R. Leroy Smith was appointed pastor and
Father Wilfred Doll was appointed part-time associate pastor. In September 1970 Father James Dunne was
appointed full-time associate pastor. Father Robert Reinke replaced Father Dunne two years later.

In 1975 a new school addition was completed to help relieve overcrowding. Father Maurice Delange arrived at
the parish in 1977, which now numbered almost 800 families. Father Joseph Shuman served as associate pastor
beginning in 1979, and Father Daniel Vogelpohl, beginning in 1980.

In 1980 the Sisters of Notre Dame replaced the Sisters of St. Benedict in staffing the school. Sr. Mary Suzanne
was appointed principal, followed by Sr. Mary Lynette in 1987. In 1982 the same religious community
responded to the parish's request for a full-time Director of Religious Education (DRE) with the appointment of
Sister Mary Bonita, subsequently followed by Sister Ann Adele, and Sister Margene Koester.

1981 was marked by the arrival a new associate pastor, Msgr. Donald Hellmann, and a remodeling of the
sanctuary. Father David Roeding was installed as pastor in 1982. Father Roeding's associate pastors included
Father Herman Kamlage, Father Jerome C. Britt, Father Daniel Vogelpohl, and Father Mark Keene. Ms. Nancy
Schaefer served as Parish Secretary from 1980 until her retirement in 1990.  Rev. Mr. Ralph Colatrella served as
deacon.    Ms. Loraine Braun served as Office Manager/Business Manager.

In the spring of 1985, when the parish numbered over 1,100 families and school enrollment had climbed to over
450, the decision was made to add eight new classrooms and a gymnasium. The site of the project was blessed
on Thanksgiving Day 1985, and the new school addition was completed for the start of the 1986-87 school year.
The pastoral staff was expanded in the late 1980ís with the hiring of Robert Whitaker as full-time Music Director
and John Maisel as director of youth ministries. Fr. James Quill arrived as pastor on July 1, 1991.

Deacon Marvin Holstein began his ministry in 1992. Father Ronald Ketteler has served the parish by presiding at
masses and administering sacraments since moving to St. Joseph in 1993. The need for classroom space had
forced the parish to house the school library and music room in the original church building, now requiring
frequent and costly maintenance. Once again the pastor and consultative councils began to discuss expansion of
both the school structure and church. A pledge drive was launched in 1993 to fund these expansions.

Fr. Raymond Hartman, was welcomed into the parish on July 1, 1994, along with parochial vicar, Fr. Douglas
Lauer. Later that summer the former convent building was converted into the new Pastoral Center, containing
pastoral staff offices, as well as a meeting room and kitchen area. Ms. Judy Hoferkamp assumed the duties of
school principal in the autumn of 1994, while construction commenced on the school and church expansions. The
original church structure, which had served the parish since its construction in 1916, was demolished to regain
parking spaces lost to the building expansions.

On September 2, 1995 the community gathered for the dedication of the school and church additions. The new
school wing houses the library, science lab/computer room, music room, and Faith Community Center. The
church addition contains a Blessed Sacrament chapel and a restroom adjacent to the middle nave, which
connects the two original naves into a cohesive worship space.

Deacon Joe Baker was ordained in January 1996. That same year Ms. Peggy Haupt became the DRE. Dan
Stover became Music Director in 1997. Fr. John Sterling became our parochial vicar in July of 1998.

In August, 2000 Dr. Randy Pennington became Music Director and in November, 2000 Tina Klare became
Director of Youth Ministry.

In July, 2001, Rev. Edward J. Brodnick was appointed pastor of St. Joseph Church.  Ms. Becky Brown
became principal at St. Joseph School.

In July 2004, Ms. Bonnie Kovacic became our DRE.

As of July 2004, St. Joseph Church is the parish home to 5038 registered parishioners in 1521 households. Our
pastor, Father Edward J. Brodnick, is assisted in pastoral service and administration by Deacons Joe Baker and
Marvin Holstein, Mary Fasbender (Business Manager), Sandy Hahn (Office Manager), Bonnie Kovacic (DRE),
Tina Klare (Youth Director), Dr. Randy Pennington (Music Director), and Debbie Theissen (Secretary to the
DRE).  Father Ronald M. Ketteler is in Residence.

In August of 2005, Kim Zang became our Music Director.

In July of 2009, Mrs. Cathy Stover became the new principal of St. Joseph School.

In July of 2010, Fr. Phillip W. DeVous became the new pastor of St. Joseph Parish.